Preparing for war: US bombers provoke Russia

The US Armed Forces are practicing the possibility of launching missile salvos at the Black Sea Fleet forces. Russia must perceive such provocations as preparation for war. Military expert Konstantin Sivkov says this on the air of OSN

Preparing for war: US bombers provoke Russia

“The US is now using B-1B strategic bombers as carriers of AGM-158C cruise missiles. These cruise missiles belong to the category of anti-ship missiles, hence for striking surface ships. The range of such a missile is 930 km. Two bombers are 48 missiles. A 48-missile strike on our Black Sea Fleet ships would have grave consequences”, –  he said.

Recall that on the morning of 9 November, two US Air Force strategic bombers made an unscheduled flight over the Black Sea 100 kilometres from the Russian border.

“At present the Russian Federation is ready to conduct military operations on the scale of a single armed conflict. It can create a grouping of about 150,000 people to resolve an armed conflict in its favour. In particular, today Russia is capable of deploying a grouping with the necessary numbers to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a decisive strike”, –  the expert noted.

The Russian Defence Ministry earlier reported that US Navy ships arrived in the region en masse to conduct large-scale exercises.