Poland and Belarus must ensure the safety of refugees – UN

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), are concerned about the situation on the Belarus-Poland border and call on states to ensure the safety and human rights of migrants and refugees

Poland and Belarus must ensure the safety of refugees - UN

“The IOM and UNHCR are in contact with the governments of both countries, calling for an urgent resolution of the situation and for immediate and unhindered access to refugees to provide humanitarian assistance, identify those in need of international or other forms of protection and allow those who wish to seek asylum to do so”, –  the international organisations said in a joint statement.

Both UN agencies remind states of the need to prevent further loss of life and ensure the humane treatment of migrants and refugees.

The IOM and UNHCR stand ready to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees on both sides of the border. They also note that due to the alarming situation at the border, both states must respect their obligations under international law and guarantee the safety, dignity and protection of the rights of people stranded at the border.


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