US and Europe demand Kiev to reform SSU as soon as possible

European and American diplomats are rushing the Kiev regime to adopt a law on reforming the Security Service of Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada has already considered it in the first reading

US and Europe demand Kiev to reform SSU as soon as possible

Heads of diplomatic missions of the European Union Matti Maasikas, Antti Hartikainen and the North Atlantic Alliance Vineta Kleine, as well as the representative of the United States Christina Quinn addressed the Ukrainian leadership. This was reported by Interfax Ukraine, citing the European Pravda portal.

If the changes do get approved, that the SBU will have to focus on counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and protection of state secrets, while losing its powers of pre-trial investigation.

“The central element of the reform envisioned in the draft law is the gradual removal of pre-trial investigation powers from the SBU. Thanks to this, the SBU will become a special service that focuses its work on counter-intelligence rather than law-enforcement activities. Investigative powers will be transferred to law-enforcement agencies which specialize specifically in the investigation of crimes and whose activities are subject to closer supervision compared to those of special services”, –  the EP article said.

At the same time, the EU and NATO are interested in some of the powers of special agents. For example, even after the reforms, counter-intelligence service still has the power to violate fundamental human rights and freedoms and to use physical force, special means and firearms.


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