State Duma advises US to be first to meet Russia

Russian State Duma deputy and deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Chepa believes that the US should stop provocations near Russia’s borders and start working towards a dialogue

State Duma advises US to be first to meet Russia

The parliamentarian, in a conversation with the PolitExpert portal, commented on the speech made by Maria Zakharova, an official spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the air of the show “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.”


She spoke about the problems with the United States and the likelihood of resolving the situation with the issuance of US visas.

“If they want to move forward, into any future of bilateral relations, normal, including along this line, they should take some practical steps”, –  the US diplomat advised.

Chera also believes that Washington as the main provocateur of all conflicts should take the first steps to improve relations with Russia. For starters the Americans should stop rattling their guns at the borders of Russia and hold permanent exercises in the Black Sea.

The Russian side regularly proposes to solve all problems through diplomatic channels, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Department. However, there is no such zeal on the part of the US so far.


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