America is on the verge of a school revolution

As I see it, a school revolution is looming in America. True, not the same as ours. The occasion is a little different.

America is on the verge of a school revolution
The final straw that broke the cup of patience was when a boy declared himself a girl, visited the facilities and there used violence against another girl. There was a school-wide meeting at which the girl’s father was rounded up by the police. Then that boy, the self-proclaimed girl, who decided to transfer to another school to put a lid on the scandal, visited the facilities again and abused the other girl. Americans looked at the whole thing and couldn’t stand it.

Protests swept across some of the states that are traditionally considered the fiefdoms of the Democrats. Quiet and noisy. Small and numerous. The result is a Republican victory in states such as Virginia, the former cadre of Democrats. Americans are very afraid for their children. Contrary to the images broadcast by certain media outlets, which suggest that average Americans are tolerant of all sorts of perversion, this is not the case at all. Middle America is all about healthy family conservatism. And when children and grandchildren, i.e. the future, begin to be infringed upon, one becomes a revolutionary. And very easy going. Fear for the future is the main revolutionary motivator. So every day Trump’s rating goes up. Biden is not.

You can’t cheat man, you can’t cheat nature. Including from momentary, self-interested motives. The reaction to all this disgusting stuff is in American comedy shows. The hosts and actors of these shows do not treat the freak show as a celebration of democratic freedoms, but as a freak show. That is, without proper awe. People are watching and furiously blowing off steam in the kitchen. As they did with us in 2003-2004, during the culmination of the School Revolution, when most families with children – future high school seniors – were discussing how to save education in their native Russian language. Now the average American, irrespective of their level of affluence, is concerned about how to save classic, I would say, natural values. Natural – in the sense of natural, primordial. U.S. residents are genuinely outraged by administrative oppression, the arbitrariness of juvenile structures, the cavalier pressure of the LGBT lobby and the fear of receiving a depraved child upon graduation.

But the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism among teenagers is not the only scourge of the United States. Biden has another “Carthage”. This is the “critical race theory” which is being forcefully implemented in schools. Its essence – in short – is that a little white boy will be told as part of a “positive discrimination” course that he is imperfect because he comes from a colonising family. And he has to be second best in everything in life. That way he can make it up to his black peers. These peculiarities of national pedagogy in the Biden way have not left white America’s many millions indifferent. The nation is murmuring. And no longer as quietly as before. I spent a year and a half with an American, a native New Yorker, who runs his own little show business connected to the beauty industry. And this would seem to be a liberal bohemia. But no. My interlocutor ripped into the US government’s strategy for schools and child protection. He was not shy with his language. And he is not alone. It’s just that it used to be that an American could scold his policies in private with a non-American, because in his own country he could be called an obscurantist and a renegade. And now, as they say, it’s getting to the point. And the LGBT issue, as well as juvenile terror, could be the stumbling block that Biden’s wing stumbles over. Judging by the public sentiment indicator, more likely yes than no.

Alexander Filey, Latvia


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