Vandalism in Ukrainian: a monument to Pilsudski was desecrated in Poland

In the Polish city of Krakow, unknown persons painted a monument to Jozef Pilsudski in the colors of the Ukrainian flag – yellow and blue, writes Gazeta Krakowska.

Vandalism in Ukrainian: a monument to Pilsudski was desecrated in Poland

On Saturday, November 6, law enforcement officials noticed damage to the monument. In addition to the colors of the Ukrainian flag, the letter “N” was painted on the monument, which is a symbol of Ukrainian nationalists. Also nearby vandals left empty paint cans and a cardboard with the inscription: “Poland is not only for the gentry.” It is noteworthy that there was a mistake in the Ukrainian inscription.

“This is not proof that the attackers were Ukrainians. We are carrying out activities aimed at identifying the perpetrators and finding out the circumstances of the crime”, said Polish police inspector Katarzyna Cislo.

Jozef Piłsudski was a politician in Poland and created the Polish Military Organization. In addition, he took part in the Resistance movement against Tsarist Russia. One of the most famous remarks of the leader was the anti-Russian thesis: “My dream is to reach Moscow and write on the Kremlin wall: “It is forbidden to speak Russian”.

Vyacheslav Azarov, a political observer and head of the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine, noted that there is no doubt that the vandalism against the monument to Pilsudski is the work of Ukrainian citizens.

“It’s easy to guess that this is the work of Ukrainian guest workers who are dissatisfied with the working conditions. But a natural question arises, why did these people not fight for social justice in their homeland? Come back, there are even more insolent lords in Ukraine”, Azarova wrote on his page on the social network.

As previously reported by News Front, in the period from January to September this year, about 49.7 thousand Ukrainian citizens received documents for permanent residence in Poland.


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