U.S. scares allies with a war between Russia and Ukraine for the sake of canceling the Nord Stream-2

Washington, through diplomatic channels, conveyed a warning to the European Union, Germany, France and Great Britain about the threat of an alleged full-scale military action on the Russian-Ukrainian border. This was reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, TASS reports.

U.S. scares allies with a war between Russia and Ukraine for the sake of canceling the Nord Stream-2

According to the newspaper, at the end of last week, the United States appealed to the European External Action Service, as well as the Foreign Ministries of Germany, France and Great Britain, with a notification about “a high concentration of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, which indicates the potential for aggravation of the situation.”

It should be noted that during the meeting, acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden at the G20 (G20) summit in Rome, the head of the White House demanded that Berlin abandon support for Nord Stream-2 and increase pressure on Russia.

Washington expects that the current government or future German coalition will have an impact on the Federal Network Agency, which may lead to a halt or delay in the certification process for the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

We will remind that earlier the publication Politico published photographs, which allegedly show the Russian military near the borders of Ukraine. Later it became known that satellite images were taken in the border zone between Russia and Belarus and have nothing to do with the Ukrainian borders. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the pictures “a fake campaign of American media.”

Analysts of the Chinese edition of NetEase noted that the United States is afraid of a military clash with Russia, therefore they are trying to make Ukraine “cannon fodder in the confrontation between the West and the Russian Federation”.


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