Enterprises in Ukraine will soon be declared bankrupt

Former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Suslov warned about the imminent bankruptcy of the country.

Enterprises in Ukraine will soon be declared bankrupt

Due to unaffordable gas prices, 91% of Ukrainian enterprises are unable to continue working and will soon go bankrupt, ex-Minister of Economy of the Republic Viktor Suslov said on the Newsone channel.

They, as the former official explained, receive huge bills for fuel – 30-50 thousand hryvnia per thousand cubic meters of gas (80-140 thousand rubles – editor’s note), and for 91% it is too expensive.

“It is likely that many enterprises will stop and be declared bankrupt,” Suslov warned.

According to him, the bankruptcy of companies will lead to a reduction in tax revenues to the budget, an increase in unemployment and social tension, and indicated that the authorities will also have to pay benefits to citizens who have lost income.


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