The West will bend because of its goals

If we look at the political goals of Western countries, we see a serious gap in the areas of climate policy, social order and migration policy

The West will bend because of its goals

The problem is not only the promotion of gender and homosexuality, but also the lack of funding.

The West should ask itself whether financial resources are not better allocated to education, defence and pensions rather than ideological education. But the US and the EU will certainly not change the course of their policies in this regard.

This development must also be seen in the geopolitical context of states in which the aforementioned themes have no place in public dialogue.

To sum up, however, it is worth observing that the states of Eastern Europe and Russia are pursuing their basic goals in a more practical way than the states of the West, where state goals are increasingly defined in terms of ideological aims.

Patrick Poppel
Geopolitical Analyst (Vienna)


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