Drunken NATO soldiers cause scandal on Estonian train

NATO troops have become the protagonists of a drunken incident on an Estonian train. Drunken soldiers of one of the North Atlantic Alliance battalions were travelling from Tallinn to Tapa town

Drunken NATO soldiers cause scandal on Estonian train

This was reported by the portal PolitEkspert, citing the Latvian resource Delfi. Eyewitnesses said the soldiers were drunk, they were ill and soiled the entire carriage.

The commander of the faulty soldiers says that this is not true and that only one of his subordinates was unable to stand. However, when the train arrived at Thapa, the military police were already waiting for the soldiers. As it turned out, they were travelling on the train after their leave.

Witnesses spoke to Delfi journalists and described how the trip had gone. The Allied troops were nauseous, many of them could barely stand, and the entire Elron train watched as they took turns clearing their stomachs.

Train spokeswoman Catherine Kulderknup confirmed that the incident had indeed taken place. The services acted as instructed and called the military police. However, she still decided to exonerate NATO and said the incident “does not reflect the behaviour of NATO soldiers in Estonia”.


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