Russian Federation Council accused Biden of low political culture

The US leader Joe Biden, criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin for his absence from the G20 and COP26 at a time when “his tundra is on fire,” demonstrated a low level of political culture, Sergei Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee, told RIA Novosti.

Russian Federation Council accused Biden of low political culture

At the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, US President Joe Biden reiterated that Russia and China did not attend the G20 meeting in Rome, and added that Russian President Vladimir Putin had no information on what he was going to do on the climate. Hello, Biden said, Putin has serious climate problems and his tundra is “literally on fire”.

“Our president never allows himself to make such statements about the heads of other states, and Biden shows his low level of political culture by making such statements,” Tsekov said.

According to the senator, the environmental situation does not depend on the presence of world leaders at climate conferences.

“This is a very simplified approach. Russia is generally one of the countries that more than others ensures the solution of the most difficult climatic issues – both for itself and for others – thanks to our territory and forests,” he said.

“This is Biden’s strange and disrespectful statement,” Tsekov added.


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