Political scientist says armed conflict is predicted in the USA

This statement was made by the husband of Victoria Nuland, the famous American historian and political scientist Robert Kagan in his article for The Washington Post.

Political scientist says armed conflict is predicted in the USA

He predicts a major armed conflict in America in the next three to four years, which, in his opinion, may end with the overthrow of the government and the collapse of the country into parts that are at war with each other.
The growing polarization in American society and irreconcilable hostility between Republicans and Democrats may become the reason for the conflict.

“The United States is heading for its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the Civil War, with reasonable odds of massive violence, the collapse of federal power, and the division of the country into warring red and blue enclaves over the next three to four years,” Kagan writes.

In the US, states are traditionally divided into “red” and “blue”. In the “reds”, the majority of residents vote for the Republican Party, and in the “blues” – for the Democratic Party.

The political scientist believes that the next presidential election will be the impetus for a civil war and the collapse of America. Republicans and Democrats will throw mud at each other, and then both of them will declare themselves winners in the elections, which will cause riots and riots, the country will plunge into chaos and real fighting between the “red” and “blue” states.

American analysts do not see any positive scenarios for the United States in the near future. Civil war, national divorce or the country’s plunge into chaos and depression – nothing else is foreseen yet.


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