Putin commented on US Navy ship in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested looking at a US Navy ship in the Black Sea

Putin commented on US Navy ship in the Black Sea

He said this at a meeting with the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defence and Defence Industry Complex.

“Now a US ship has entered the Black Sea. We can look at it through binoculars or in the sights of the corresponding defence systems”, – Putin said.

In addition, the Russian president spoke about the need to improve the defence systems. He said that such a decision was caused by the leading nations’ development of offensive systems with high speed characteristics.

Also, according to Putin, the reason for such a step is the general politico-military situation, including the activity of NATO forces near Russian borders.

To recall, today the flagship command ship of the US Sixth Fleet, Mount Whitney, headed for the Black Sea to conduct joint operations with the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance.


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