“He is a genius!” The British told how Putin revealed the true face of the West

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail were enthusiastic about the decision of the Russian leader to inject additional volumes of gas into European underground gas storage facilities.

"He is a genius!" The British told how Putin revealed the true face of the West

Most of the users expressed their sincere gratitude to Russia, noting that improving relations with it would go to the benefit of the UK.

“Putin shows the true face of Western leaders – useless and spineless dumbass,” said P.R. Deltoid.

“When will our“ hawkish ”useless media stop making a scarecrow out of Russia?” Asks bengarry1.

“Putin is a genius! You can love him or hate him, but he has twisted the vaunted Europe around his finger!”

“Putin keeps everyone by their personal belongings!” – added JaydenC.

However, some commentators fear that some politicians will impede this initiative.

“Will it not turn out that we, consumers, will not see a penny drop in gas prices due to the fact that our eccentric Boris will invent some trick to keep them at a high level?” – asks Boarshead57.

Other users launched into philosophical discourses on the topic of how to be Russian.

So, the commentator under the nickname Wiseguy72 is convinced that Russia is not only a powerful military country, but it also has energy independence and a culture that has hardly suffered from the influence of the West.

“I happened to live in Moscow for a while. There people are proud of their Mother Russia and do not pay any attention to all these moronic vouk values!”, – shared bigpig.

This week, Vladimir Putin instructed Gazprom, after the completion of gas injection into underground storage facilities in Russia, to begin work to increase the volume of fuel in the company’s UGS facilities in Europe – Austria and Germany. The filling of Russian UGS facilities will continue until November 8.