Ukraine – Russia: who is fighting whom?

Ukraine has lifted the ban on the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus since November 1. Lukashenko is illegitimate for Zelensky, and Putin is a murderer for him, but give electricity to “young democracy”, “dictators”, and cheaper

Ukraine - Russia: who is fighting whom?

Zelensky also complains that Russia is stopping the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine from November 1. What is the outrage? We are at war with you, and you dare to leave us without coal? It’s funny: either fight or coal. Ask NATO for coal, and the United States. In Britain, not an icebreaker, but buy coal.

Russian gas is very “smelly”, but the transit of this “smelly” gas through Ukraine cannot be stopped, it should even be increased. Otherwise, without your “stinking” gas, Ukraine will incur losses and will have nothing to fight with you.

Russian TV channels in Ukraine cannot be broadcast – Zelensky imposed sanctions, but Zelensky can sell his series to Russian TV channels. For a single day of the “war” with Russia, Zelensky did not give up rubles from Russia to his pocket.

The Russian language in Ukraine is prohibited for everyone, but Zelensky shoots his TV shows for Russia in Russian. And his “Kvartal” grimaces in Russian the same way. And he sells his serials only in the country with which he is “at war”, because NATO countries do not need his serials for nothing.

And Zelensky recognized Crimea as Russian for a long time, paying for a communal apartment for his apartment in Yalta with Russian rubles to Russian companies, under contracts concluded under Russian law. And the rest for transactions in Crimea – criminal cases.

Don’t you think that it is not Russia with Ukraine that is fighting, but on the contrary – Ukraine with Russia?

After all, it is not in Russia that Ukrainian TV shows are banned, but in Ukraine – Russian ones.
It is not in Russia that the Ukrainian language is banned, but in Ukraine – Russian.
It is not in Russia that it is forbidden to trade with Ukraine, but in Ukraine – with Russia.
It is not in Russia that radicals disrupt the premieres of Zelensky’s series, but in Ukraine they prohibit the performance of Russian artists.

It is not in Russia that they dream of driving along Khreshchatyk with tanks, but in Ukraine, some people dream of driving along Red Square.
It is not in Russia that they are overjoyed by the problems in Ukraine, and in Ukraine, some are overjoyed by the problems of Russia.

So why is this all then?

The USA benefits Ukraine only as an anti-Russia for the war with Russia. And Zelensky benefits from blaming Russia for all his failures.

High utility rates? This is because of Russia’s aggression, as we were told at the Zelensky forum.

No oxygen in hospitals? This is a sabotage, as Zelensky’s secretary told us.

Corruption in Ukraine? Putin is to blame for everything.

It’s just that if the enemy is not Russia, then everyone in Ukraine will immediately understand that the enemy is the external control of the United States and their mediocre green puppets.

Yesterday was the day of the liberation of Ukraine from the fascist invaders. I hope someday we will celebrate the day of Ukraine’s liberation from American invaders.

Alexander Skubchenko, Ukraine


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