The British called Putin “the main one in Europe”

Readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail appreciated the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin on gas supplies to Europe.

The British called Putin "the main one in Europe"

Earlier, the Russian leader instructed Gazprom to start planned work to increase volumes in storage facilities in the European Union.

“At least Putin is really in charge, in contrast to the narrow-minded politicians in Europe who do not understand what national interest is,” wrote one of the readers.

“Putin has proved to Europe that he now has complete control over it,” wrote one commentator. One of the readers wrote that he would give his vote to Putin in the elections.

“Our politicians can get angry and pant as much as they want. But the “frightening” Russia came to the rescue. Can someone explain why we are friends with Saudi Arabia, but we are at enmity with Russia?” – wrote one of the readers.

Almost all users agreed that with his order, Putin did more to supply Britain with energy than the country’s government. Readers also expressed the hope that suppliers will now reduce gas prices.

Today the gas price in Europe has dropped below $800 per thousand cubic meters. m for the first time since September 17, follows from the auction data.


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