Ukrainians outraged by power purchase from Russia

Readers of Ukraine’s TCN port have criticised the resumption of electricity purchases from Russia and Belarus

Ukrainians outraged by power purchase from Russia

“Due to the lack of brains, the fuel shortage is not surprising”, – wrote user Svet Lana Gladkova.

“Is this an overkill? Or a zrada? I’m already confused”, – seronised Aleksandr Soroka.

“And where does our electricity go?”, – wondered Marina Ua.

“And gas directly at $175 per 1,000 cubic meters – then no. Better by non-existent reverse from Eurohub at exorbitant price, plus up to 50 dollars for this virtual reverse to someone on a pocket”, – Andrey Paranyuk has noticed.

“I am beginning to feel Spanish shame!” – admitted Valeriy Voloshchuk.

As it became known, Ukrainian companies bought the electricity available for import from Russia and Belarus in November. The data of these auctions were published by Ukrenergo.

Earlier, News Front reported that according to the results of Ukrenergo’s auction, Kiev will resume imports of Belarusian electricity from November 1.


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