TheDuran: Forbes publication on Zelensky’s corruption is the last call for the Ukrainian politician

The degree of dissatisfaction with the political course of modern Ukraine continues to grow and more and more independent journalists are critically assessing the activities of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

TheDuran: Forbes publication on Zelensky's corruption is the last call for the Ukrainian politician

TheDuran online edition recently published an article which touched upon the Ukrainian leader’s offshore scandal, further relations between Ukraine and the West, as well as Zelensky’s political prospects.

The authors of the text reminded that a consortium of investigative journalists recently published the so-called Pandora’s Archive, which overnight destroyed an attractive image of the Ukrainian leader.

“The politician, who was associated with the image of reformer, fighter against corruption, defender of rights and freedoms, lost the trust of the world community and got a new status – ‘fighter against oligarchs’ in quotes”, –  TheDuran wrote.

TheDuran journalists recalled that according to the investigation, Zelensky and people from his entourage, including high-ranking Ukrainian officials, owned and still own a network of offshore companies.

Nevertheless, the paper said, Zelensky pulled off a fictitious scheme to give up ownership of the companies and became president of Ukraine, although in fact he continued and continues to receive income which was not reflected in his declaration.

“According to the investigation, Zelensky, his wife and people from his inner circle transferred about 40 million dollars from Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky’s Privat Bank”, –  the journalists point out.

According to TheDuran, the latest blow to the Zelensky regime was a recent publication in the well-known Forbes magazine, in which expert Kenneth Rapoza wrote about the triumph of corruption in Ukraine in a direct test.

“Kiev is fed up in Brussels and Washington, because the team of the current Ukrainian president has failed to eradicate corruption among the political elite and in business circles”, –  the expert quotes TheDuran as saying.

In addition, the publication notes that the red thread in the Forbes publication is the idea that the US President Joe Biden’s administration no longer considers Ukraine as a topical agenda.

TheDuran concludes that after the Ukrainian politician’s scandal with offshore companies and a number of critical articles in the press, Zelensky has been finally written off as Ukraine’s president.

“At best, Zelensky will not run for a second presidential term. In the worst case scenario, a continuation of the story with offshores awaits him, but only in the dock”, –  the paper concluded.

Igor Mukhin, specially for News Front


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