Ruling coalition in Bundestag quarrels over Nord Stream 2

Der Handelsblatt, a German economic publication, writes that the Greens’ destructive stance may lead to a split in the future German government

Ruling coalition in Bundestag quarrels over Nord Stream 2

According to a report by Der Handelsblatt, journalists at the German news portal, there are serious differences of opinion within the nascent German government over the launch and further use of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The German Social Democrats’ junior partner in the tripartite coalition, the Green Party, has come out categorically against the idea of certifying NSP2.

“While the SPD sees the pipeline as a way out of the gas crisis, the Greens have renewed their criticism of it”, –  the authors of an article in Handelsblatt expressed.

It is important to mention that the German Greens are consistent promoters of US interests in Germany and Europe, as well as irreconcilable supporters of rejecting any cooperation with Russia. It should be reminded that it was Washington that attributed responsibility for the gas crisis that is developing in Europe ahead of the heating season to Moscow, and the same theses are regularly re-broadcast by representatives of the Greens.


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