“Paying with sovereignty”: Pushkov tells how the EU is set up

The Russian senator commented on the decision of the EU Court of Justice, which ordered Poland to pay a fine of €1 million per day until the contradictions with the EU requirements are abolished

"Paying with sovereignty": Pushkov tells how the EU is set up

As Narodnye Novosti reports, prominent Russian politician, publicist and historian Alexei Pushkov described what EU member states have to pay for the opportunity to benefit from the EU’s financial facilities.

“The EU is a union with strict rules: countries pay for benefits in the economy with their sovereignty. Didn’t Warsaw know where it was joining?” – Pushkov reminded, explaining that the reaction of the Polish side looks somewhat contrived.

To recall, earlier the European Court imposed a fine of 1 million euros a day on Poland, until Warsaw abolishes the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland, the creation of which was opposed by official Brussels.


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