OSCE not reacting to Minsk-2 violation, but restrictions on SMM deemed unacceptable

Ambassador Mikko Kinnunen, the special representative of the OSCE chairman and coordinator of the Contact Group, has published his version of the results of the Contact Group meeting, LPR representative in the political subgroup for the settlement of the situation in the region Rodion Miroshnyk wrote in his Telegram channel

OSCE not reacting to Minsk-2 violation, but restrictions on SMM deemed unacceptable

He was not sharply critical or indignant about the hostage-taking of LPR observer to the JCCC Andrei Kosiak, nor about the heavy weapon fire on LNR towns and villages, nor about Kiev’s statement about their use of drones, which are prohibited by the Minsk agreements. His response was traditional.

“…I called on all sides to adhere to their commitments and not to allow further escalation”, –  Kinnunen said.

But the restrictions on the OSCE SMM were resented by the ambassador.

“The unprecedented restrictions and irritation that the SMM faced last week are unacceptable”, –  he said.

For his part, LPR representative to this subgroup Rodion Miroshnyk summarized that for the OSCE, cases of violations by Ukraine of the Minsk agreements, whose implementation the SMM is supposed to monitor, are precedent and acceptable and do not cause any serious indignation to the European diplomat.

At the end of his statement, the ambassador went on to enumerate the topics on which it has not been possible to reach an agreement due to Kiev’s unacceptable position. The OSCE is traditionally cautious and prefers not to mention Kiev’s position. But if it is impossible not to mention it, they write that both sides are to blame and everyone should stop doing this.


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