Americans agreed with Putin’s words that what is happening in the United States is a deviation towards the left ideology

Readers of The American Conservative Vladimir Putin speaking at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

Americans agreed with Putin's words that what is happening in the United States is a deviation towards the left ideology

The statement received the greatest response, in which the Russian leader called what was happening in the United States a deviation towards an extreme leftist ideology.

For example, a user under the nickname dbassman27 noted that the Russian president is much smarter than any American president since the days of Ronald Reagan.

“He is right. The leftists are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs <…> They control the media, education systems and all pop culture”, he concluded.

St. Jerome’s Lion writes that Putin is telling his compatriots that although they “lost” the Cold War, they were cured of the terrible disease that Americans are now victims of. ”

“Incredibly, the leader of the former USSR warns against Bolshevik tendencies in the West <…> the time may come when freedom-loving people will need to emigrate to the former Soviet Union,” John10 noted.

There were also those who saw an aggressive context in the words of Vladimir Putin. Thus, the commentator under the nickname Triple36 is convinced that, despite understanding what is happening in the Western world, Moscow plans not to help, but to benefit from it.

Nevertheless, most of the readers were in favor of establishing a dialogue with Russia.

“Who wants to stir up the conflict with Russia? Definitely not the American people! We are not at all interested in this!”- wrote Patrick Constantine.

One commentator emphasized that when the Russians are right, they are as right as possible.

“Vladimir Putin is almost a comic book villain in the Washington establishment. One of the reasons for his demonization is precisely that he does such things and publicly diagnoses what is wrong in America”, ElCristeroAmericano pointed out.


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