Taliban say they do not consider ISIS a serious threat

Despite Pakistan’s assistance to the Taliban in the fight against the terrorist group Islamic State, the Taliban do not consider the ISIS a threat

Taliban say they do not consider ISIS a serious threat

The Washington Post has reported this, citing two unnamed Taliban spokesmen.

Pakistan is using informal intelligence channels to help the Taliban in the fight against ISIS, namely by providing intelligence and technical support in the fight against the terrorists, according to the paper. In particular, Pakistan is passing primary information, helping monitor phone and internet communications to identify IS* members and their operational centres.

“Pakistan is our brother and supports us in many ways, including sharing information and intelligence. If the US and the rest of the world share information with us, we could defeat DAESH (the Arabic acronym for the terrorist group ISIS) in a matter of days”, – a Taliban leader told the newspaper.

However, spokesman Bilal Karimi said the Taliban do not regard DAESH as a serious threat and do not need outside assistance to fight them.

However, according to one Pakistani official, the communication between the two sides is more of an informal discussion than an established partnership for the exchange of intelligence.


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