England frightened by Russian and Chinese manoeuvres

Readers of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper have criticized the authorities for demonizing Russia, it was reported

England frightened by Russian and Chinese manoeuvres

The day before, the first joint patrols between Russia and China in the Pacific Ocean sparked a strong reaction among readers of the British Daily Mail newspaper.

Many users agreed that Western countries have little chance of winning in the event of a military clash with these powers.

“The Royal Navy will only fail if they have to fight with poorly equipped or poorly trained conscripts”, –  Talibaliman opined.

“We’re not even in a position to defend ourselves against refugee boats, so no options”, –  Whybother1000 concluded.

There has been no shortage of jokes about the high military rank of transgender admiral in the US. So, a reader under the nickname Whybother1000 asked whether there are admirals in Russia wearing women’s skirts.

“Women have more rights and opportunities there than in the West”, –  HammytheHamlet replied.

Users also pointed out that Western countries were themselves to blame for pushing Russia away.

“Liberals will soon regret their hostility towards Trump because he was on good terms with Putin”, –  Jose Ponce de Leon wrote.

Recall that Russian and Chinese naval warships conducted their first joint patrols in the Pacific Ocean from October 17 to 23. During this time, the Russian-Chinese group passed through the Sangar Strait, the sailors practiced joint tactical maneuvering, conducted several training exercises and in total covered over 1,700 nautical miles.


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