US military kills al-Qaeda leader in airstrike

The US military has killed one of the leaders of the al-Qaeda terrorist group. They carried out an airstrike in Syria that killed the militant

US military kills al-Qaeda leader in airstrike

This statement was made by the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US forces. They struck the northwestern part of the country from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

“In a US airstrike in northwestern Syria today, senior al-Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar was killed. We have no information on civilian deaths from the strike, which was carried out by an MQ-9 aircraft”, –  the US military said.

Defence officials also added that al-Qaeda was still a serious threat to the US. Syria, they said, remains a safe haven for the group from which they can co-ordinate their cells and plan attacks overseas.

The states argued that the killing of one of the organisation’s leaders should make it more difficult to plan and carry out attacks. The statement also stressed that the Americans would continue strikes in foreign territories to destroy the terrorists.


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