Russia’s Hunter UAV called “a real beast” in the US

American experts are awaiting with dread when the Russian army will adopt the latest C-70 “Hunter” unmanned aerial vehicle

Russia's Hunter UAV called "a real beast" in the US

Former US army officer Brent Eastwood wrote an article for the 19fortyfive portal. In it, he said the UAV would become one of the most advanced aerial combat vehicles, RIA Novosti reported.

“If the tests are successful and all the claimed characteristics of the drone turn out to be a reality, the Hunter will become a real beast”, –  Eastwood believes.

He also noted Russian engineers’ intentions to link the systems of the Hunter and the Su-57 fighter. The military officer believes that this development opens up new possibilities for aerial combat.

The drone was developed at Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was made according to the “flying wing” scheme. Its length is supposedly 14 metres, the wingspan is 19 metres, and its take-off weight is 20 tonnes. The new machine was first launched on 3 August 2019.


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