Germans condemn attempts to blame Russia for Europe’s energy crisis

German residents do not agree with attempts by some countries to blame Russia for the energy market crisis in the European Union

Germans condemn attempts to blame Russia for Europe's energy crisis

Readers of Die Zeit newspaper believe that European countries, not Russia, are to blame for the current situation.

Some believe the EU is now cooperating with the very instigators of the crisis. Speculators are now fully reaping the benefits of their labor and profiting from the problems of Europeans.

“Why is everyone getting so excited? High fossil fuel prices are exactly what everyone wanted in the name of climate protection”, –  said one commentator.

The Germans pointed out that the situation is like a “goal against their own goal”. European powers have deliberately avoided long-term contracts for a long time. In this way they tried to put the brakes on Russia and to encourage the US to sell its shale gas to the EU. Except that Washington now supports consumers in Asia and does not give a damn about European “partners”.

Russia, on the other hand, has done nothing to deserve such accusations. Instead, Europe is retaliating by imposing sanctions and trying to block the launch of Nord Stream 2. At that, the pipeline will be beneficial not only for Russia, but also for the EU, which will be able to provide itself with fuel.


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