Does Ukraine need NATO

The civil war in Ukraine began precisely because of NATO: Donbas categorically rejected the integration of Ukraine into this military bloc

Does Ukraine need NATO

Today the integration into NATO is already fixed in the Constitution of Ukraine. Despite the fact that in the Declaration of state sovereignty Ukraine declared its permanent neutral status and was recognized by the world as a state that is peaceful for its neighbours.

The same constitution prohibits the placement of foreign military bases on Ukrainian territory. But the USA and Great Britain keep increasing their military presence in Ukraine in violation of our country’s constitutional norms. They are already officially stationed in Yavor, Ochakov and the port of Yuzhny. They have already set up 6 of their alleged ‘training centres’, they have been allocated land in the south and east of the country for military bases.

And who asked me? Have the 40% of Ukrainian citizens who have a good attitude towards Russia and are against NATO been asked? Or are we nobody in our own country? Whom do the “servants of the people” serve, to whom do they surrender the sovereignty of Ukraine for 30 pieces of silver? Everyone knows the answer. And for what purpose? The purpose is solely confrontation with Russia, not protection from Russia.

If Russia carried out a coup d’état in Mexico, brought its puppets to power there, and turned Mexico itself into an anti-US project, what would be the US response? I am sure everyone understands what the US would do to Mexico, which has become a threat at its borders. For those who don’t understand, recall Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the threat of nuclear war.

The Anglo-Saxons carried out a coup d’état in Ukraine, brought their puppets to power, and turned Ukraine itself into an “Anti-Russia” project, creating a real threat at its borders. How should Russia respond to this? What would await Ukraine as an “Anti-US” project if the US were near our borders? If you behave in a hostile way, it is foolish to expect friendliness in return.

When I hear from our puppet government that Ukraine is NATO’s eastern front, I realise that these puppets are not serving Ukraine, but NATO’s interests and to the detriment of Ukraine’s interests. Ukraine’s interests are the development of good neighbourly and trade relations with its neighbours, not war with them to please the Anglo-Saxons, who are afraid of direct confrontation with Russia, and therefore are at war with it with their colonies.

Just believe me: as soon as Ukraine sends the US, Britain, NATO and IMF to hell, peace will prevail in Ukraine, the economy will get rid of looting by the Anglo-Saxons, the country will begin to develop and people will live decently and prosperously. But that will require a government that will put the interests of Ukraine ahead of the interests of the West, not these green puppets and other sororities.

To dream that NATO would deploy its missiles against Russia in Ukraine, turning our country into a battlefield and a target for Russian missiles, is to hate your own country. Ukraine will never be in NATO – Russia will not allow it near its borders. This should simply be understood and accepted as a given. One should be friends, not at war, with one’s neighbours.

Alexander Skubchenko


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