China and Russia’s friendship is more valuable than any military alliance

Chinese residents support the development and strengthening of bilateral relations with Russia. Readers of the Guancha portal have commented on Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s statement that there is no point in a military alliance between the countries

China and Russia's friendship is more valuable than any military alliance

Relations between Moscow and Beijing are at a level where separate alliances in the defence sector are not necessary, RIA Novosti reported.

The Chinese believe the Russian president is right and cooperation in general is a much better option than working in any particular area.

“A comprehensive strategic partnership is actually better than a traditional military alliance, so the concept of a military alliance is long outdated for us”, –  one reader wrote.

PRC citizens stressed that the countries have a strong friendly relationship. Besides, a strategic partnership is a more flexible option.

They drew attention to the fact that the creation of various alliances is the prerogative of the US. Washington believes that partners cannot be counted on without them. The friendship between China and Russia is something more and more valuable than an alliance.


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