Britain tells why the EU’s days are numbered

The European Union as a union is believed to be obsolete in Britain. Journalist Sherell Jacobs in her article for The Telegraph called it “a Disney fairy tale wrapped in legal intricacies”

Britain tells why the EU's days are numbered

This was reported by RIA Novosti. The British stressed that her country made the decision to leave the EU very timely. According to her, every day she sees signs that London did the right thing when there was an opportunity to escape.

Jacobs believes that the EU is now on the verge of a global crisis. It will be such a powerful blow that it will put the very existence of the EU at risk. Several mistakes that Brussels routinely makes will lead to it.

The European Union pushes too much and too often in the management of its member states’ economies. It slows down its growth. In addition, the EU has nurtured ambitions and claims global relevance, although it cannot compete with the real leaders, such as China. And the final blow was the pandemic. It showed how flawed the EU structure is. The leadership has made a lot of bad decisions that will eventually hasten the collapse of the EU.

If by some miracle it survives, it will make little sense. The European Union has long been an inefficient and sluggish machine. Recent years have shown that it does more harm than good.


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