Kiev demands Berlin to oppose Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is giving Ukraine no peace of mind, for which it has turned to Germany. Kiev expects Berlin to respond “to Russia’s use of gas as a weapon”

Kiev demands Berlin to oppose Nord Stream 2

This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. He said he hoped that Naftogaz and the GTS operator would take part in the certification of NSP2.

He called the project itself “blackmail” and accused Russia of using it as a weapon. Against this backdrop, Kuleba hysterically asks Germany to respond.

“A joint statement by the US and Germany on Nord Stream 2 says that if Russia starts using gas as a weapon in international relations, Germany will start taking action in response. This is already happening and we certainly expect a clear German position on this”, –  he said.

Ukraine is self-consciously telling us that Russia is an “aggressor country” and that its gas is “dirty”. But Kiev is terrified by the prospect of being without transit. The Nord Stream 2 project, which could completely deprive Ukraine of transit, is perceived by it as a weapon for this reason.

But the truth is that Russia has every right to build such pipelines. For it is a more profitable and reliable option, which will not depend on the sanity of the Ukrainian authorities. For Europe, including Germany, NSP2 is also a good development. Kiev should not expect Berlin to oppose it in any way.


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