Hypersonic weapons test thwarted in the US

A hypersonic weapon test has been derailed in the US. The reason was a problem with the probe. The Pentagon said it was already conducting an investigation into the incident

Hypersonic weapons test thwarted in the US

The difficulties with the test of hypersonic weapons were previously reported by a number of American media outlets. The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported, but the information has now been confirmed by the Defence Ministry.

A “data collection experiment” was to have taken place at the Kodiak Cosmodrome on October 21. However, it had to be abandoned due to weapons malfunctions.

“These tests did not take place due to the failure of the booster. The booster used in the test is not part of the hypersonic weapons development programme”, –  the Pentagon admitted.

The United States had previously said it had already carried out three successful tests of hypersonic missile prototypes. However, it is clear that development has stalled, and there are complications that are preventing the idea from coming to fruition.


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