A migrant tsunami hits Germany: Berlin “hits the tambourine and finds the culprits – Minsk and Moscow”

“The German police are raising the alarm. In a special communication, the federal office once again warns of an avalanche-like influx of migrants into the country. They even name the states of origin where the new illegals are coming from: Syria, Yemen, Iraq,” the diplomat said in her Telegram channel

A migrant tsunami hits Germany: Berlin "hits the tambourine and finds the culprits - Minsk and Moscow"

Commenting on the situation in Europe, she cited statistics according to which, as elsewhere in the EU, the number of migrants for the first 9 months of 2021 (80 thousand) has already exceeded the total last year (76 thousand). The number of asylum applications is increasing. From Iraq alone, 1,350 people officially applied to the police department in September. The number of undiscovered migrants hiding in the federal states across the country is also growing, and no one can say exactly how many. In addition, tent camps are being set up, as in the worst days of the migration crisis in 2015, with figures for October breaking new records with more than a hundred people entering every day.

“The FRG police have found an outsider – Minsk, which has allegedly decided to flood the EU with citizens of other countries as a grudge against sanctions. Moreover, no one cares that it is not Belarusians (except, of course, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her entourage), but Arabs from the crisis regions of the Middle East and North Africa, who are coming to the EU. They say it directly: blame Minsk and Moscow,” says Zakharova.
“The German police, of course, are not aware of their NATO colleagues who destroyed Iraq and Syria. But would a German policeman allow himself such a deep retrospective geopolitical analysis?” – sneered the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry
She stressed that “in the future, when it comes to the ‘Afghan wave’ (and many experts agree that sooner or later this tsunami will hit Europe), questions can be asked of the German government, by the way.”

As EADaily reported, the day before on October 21st, Chairperson of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen stated that the EU countries “will all together give a very strong, united response to actions of Belarus,” which “should stop. She was joined by the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrel, who once again accused Minsk of using the illegals, coming through Belarus, as a “weapon” for the hybrid war. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not rule out the imposition of new economic sanctions against Minsk.

Recall that in response to the sanctions Belarus stopped restraining the flow of migrants in the direction of the EU. After that, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia began to register an increased flow of illegal immigrants, trying to get into the EU through Belarus. The EU accuses Minsk of being the one who created chaos on the border with the EU.


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