“We should not rejoice”: political analyst Abzalov explains why the Pentagon chief’s visit will not help Kiev

In the expert’s opinion, Lloyd Austin’s trip was intended to cheer up the eastern “allies” rather than to provide them with any real assistance

"We should not rejoice": political analyst Abzalov explains why the Pentagon chief's visit will not help Kiev

As Narodnye Novosti reports, speaking on Radio Sputnik in Russian The political analyst Dmitriy Abzalov said that he was convinced that the US defence minister’s demonstrative visit to Ukraine was intended to sweeten the Kiev regime’s bitterness over the agreements between the US and Germany to launch another gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. But the US can offer nothing but an approving pat on the shoulder to its Ukrainian wards.

“In fact, Austin’s visit is a very big tragedy for Ukraine. Why? Because it is simply an attempt to compensate for the situation with Nord Stream-2. I recall that agreements were actually reached between the outgoing Angela Merkel and the remaining Joe Biden behind the backs of Ukrainian politicians. This was followed by Nuland’s visit to Moscow, which she did not comment on, so clearly there is some movement going on around Ukraine, but without Ukraine. And Austin’s task is just to come and show that nothing of the kind is allegedly going on, that the USA is not planning to abandon its ‘ally’ Ukraine,” the expert said.

In Abzalov’s opinion, it is important for Washington not so much to provide real support to Kiev as to demonstrate its interest in the “ally” and at the same time try to restore trust that was lost after the failure in Afghanistan.

“That is, this is an attempt by the US not to get into a situation where they once again abandon their allies in the ‘Afghan scenario’. So this is such a compensatory measure,” political analyst Dmitry Abzalov is convinced.


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