US readers have commented on military aid to Ukraine

Americans have criticized the visit of Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin to Kiev, saying they have no confidence in Ukraine

US readers have commented on military aid to Ukraine

Statements by US Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, who during a recent visit to Kiev promised Ukraine “unwavering support”, blamed Russia for the war in Donbas, and demanded that Moscow “end its occupation of Crimea”, were not understood by subscribers of the official Forbes Breaking News YouTube channel.

Commentators recalled how US aid ended for Afghanistan and also complained about the incompetence of the current defence minister.

“Go back to your basement, Austin. You’ve already forgotten about Afghanistan. We haven’t,” a user with the nickname Jose Goncalves assessed the head of the department.

“How can they say anything when they’ve abandoned Americans in Afghanistan?” – Mr Green Thumb remarked.

“After our show of force in Afghanistan, I’m surprised Russia hasn’t upped the ante in any way in Crimea,” commented commenter E Hoffman.

“If we don’t have confidence in him and Miley (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miley. – Ed.), how will President Putin listen to him,” John Mac said, for his part.

“Austin was hired for a change. He is completely incompetent, as is the rest of the Biden administration,” agreed Beyond_the_Infinite.

“Austin needs to worry more about our country, stop trying to ‘wake up’ the military and start working on our defence!” – he wrote.


Earlier, Austin said Biden had approved a new $60 million military aid package for Ukraine, which includes deliveries of Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems.