Ukrainian Cabinet says US reluctant to allocate money for country

A source in the Ukrainian cabinet has said that Washington is reluctant to allocate funds to support the country’s territorial integrity, RT reports

Ukrainian Cabinet says US reluctant to allocate money for country

“They want to make sure the money is not stolen. They tell us directly that if we start a war with Russia, the US will not send its troops here. So they are for territorial integrity and generally for everything good, but only in words”, –  the RT interlocutor said.

Experts also point out that the visit of US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland to Moscow demonstrates a completely opposite position of Washington on Donbas. While discussing the settlement of the conflict in Donbas, Nuland reiterated America’s position that the situation can only be resolved by implementing the Minsk agreements.

“During the talks, the US position voiced in Geneva was confirmed that without agreement on the future parameters of autonomy, or, in other words, the special status of Donbas within Ukraine, significant progress in resolving the conflict is hardly possible”, –  Dmitry Kozak said when commenting on the outcome of the meeting with Nuland.

In September, the French Foreign Ministry also spoke about the importance of the Minsk agreements for resolving the situation in Donbass.

Furthermore, statements about Russia being a party to the conflict in southeastern Ukraine contradict all the facts – there is no mention in the text of the Minsk agreements that Moscow has anything to do with it. That said, the document has been endorsed by the UN Security Council and is the main instrument for resolving the situation in Donbass.


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