“Flying no further than 70 km”: expert Leonkov on the weakness of US drones

According to a military expert, there is no universal criterion to determine the leading country in the use of combat robots. So in terms of numbers the U.S. has the most UAVs, but the majority of them are not very useful

"Flying no further than 70 km": expert Leonkov on the weakness of US drones

As Narodnye Novosti reports, the Russian military recently completed tests of “marker” attack robots. Working in autonomous mode, i.e. without human involvement, the combat vehicles fulfilled all the tasks of detecting, distributing and destroying fire targets of the conventional enemy with honour.

Military expert and editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov commented on the firing, pointing out that despite their technical perfection, combat robots are only able to perform an auxiliary function.

“Their main task is support, reconnaissance, i.e. the auxiliary functions that are needed during combined arms combat. Robots have a high degree of autonomy, but for now the main tasks remain with humans. No country has been able to make them fully autonomous, because it is impossible to simulate all the details and possible situations in battle at any training ground”, –  the expert stated.

At the same time, according to Alexei Leonkov, such robots are the future of the armed forces, and therefore all leading countries are trying to provide themselves with the most advanced machines, but not all can boast of high achievements.

“It’s hard to name an absolute leader. Russia, for example, is the leader in the field of underwater drones, which can carry a thermonuclear payload. The USA comes first in the number of UAVs. But it should be understood that more than 5,000 of the 8.5 UAVs are small class drones. That is, they have a range of no more than 50-70 km”, –  the specialist summed up.


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