The West calls Russia-Belarus alliance a threat to NATO

19Fortyfive columnist Sarah White explains in her article what problems the association of Moscow and Minsk within the framework of the new geopolitical entity poses to the North Atlantic Alliance

The West calls Russia-Belarus alliance a threat to NATO


According to Sarah White, the latest developments, which encompassed both closer economic integration of the two countries and large-scale joint exercises of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, demonstrate that what seemed to Western analysts “an incredible scenario” yesterday, is taking real shape right in front of our eyes, as Russkaya Vesna reports.

The prospect of a full-fledged Union State of Russia and Belarus will force NATO, according to the expert, to roll back to the West.

“Moscow’s presence in the political, economic and military spheres of this country sharply rolls back NATO’s eastern flank further to the west. The alliance states are also in the grip of the Russian army and armaments in Kaliningrad,” Sarah White said in her article.

Calling what is happening an “alarming reality”, the Western expert stressed that from now on the alliance countries and their leaders will have to take into account the new political situation and by no means underestimate the potential threats that the nascent alliance allegedly poses to the West.

At the same time, both Moscow and Minsk have repeatedly stressed that the unification of Russia and Belarus is not directed against third countries, but meets the historical aspiration of the two branches of one nation to decide their fate together.


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