“It’s only getting worse”: German residents talk about the energy crisis

The cost of electricity, gas and fuel in Germany continues to break the historical record. Germans told reporters from the resource “Germania.one” about the most expensive winter, which is expected this year

"It's only getting worse": German residents talk about the energy crisis

According to expert Commerzbank Karsten Fritsch, this year the Germans are waiting for the most expensive winter. The country heats around 20 million homes with gas that costs as much as $1,900 per thousand cubic meters on the European markets. In addition, the hasty transition to green energy has only contributed to the rampant crisis.

Fatih Atasoilu, an employee at a gas station, described the fuel price increase as “atrocious”. According to him, if the price exceeds 2 euros he will not be able to fill up his car. He cited Turkey as an example, where a litre of fuel costs only €1.

“This is unfortunate. Electricity prices have gone up a lot. It is almost Swiss prices! It is only getting worse. We are now trying to save energy and have turned off the heating. Unfortunately, we can’t change supplier because the landlord does it”, –  said German residents Mike Baumann and Eleja Neumann.

Shop owner Elke Fett, 77, said she needed one bottle of fuel to heat the premises, but the price has risen from €25 to €35. According to the woman, those who vote for the Greens “should have known what they were getting into”.

Robert Habek, co-chairman of Germany’s Union-90/Greens party, called on German authorities to negotiate with Russia as soon as possible on the issue of gas supplies to Germany. Political analyst Alexander Rahr underlined that Berlin should support Nord Stream 2 to stabilise the situation instead of fighting it to its detriment.


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