Pentagon chief arrives in Georgia amid opposition protests

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in the Georgian capital today. Probably, his visit is dedicated to the agreement on defense initiatives.

Pentagon chief arrives in Georgia amid opposition protests

Israeli expert Solomon Mann announced this on his Facebook page.

“This is a very opportune moment to push through an agreement on defense initiatives with the United States. which the current leadership tried to avoid, so as not to aggravate tensions with Russia. Georgia’s main “ally” arrived in Tbilisi at a time when the center of the capital is shaken by rallies and demonstrations of the opposition, rampaging on the money of American NGOs and practically on direct instructions from the embassy”, he wrote.

Mann is confident that Georgia will sign whatever they are told. The country simply has no choice: either it agrees to the conditions of the States, or there is a change of power.

At the same time, one cannot be sure of Washington. He is not distinguished by special devotion, which means that the current Georgian leadership will be thrown either now or a little later.


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