“Let the West itself return Ukraine to normalcy”: economist Bruter advised Moscow to distance itself from Kiev

According to the expert, in the current world, Russia has more important things to do than trying to pull Ukraine out of the swamp, into which it was driven by pro-American foreign policy.

"Let the West itself return Ukraine to normalcy": economist Bruter advised Moscow to distance itself from Kiev

According to the Public News Service, an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Research, Candidate of Economic Sciences Volodymyr Bruter said that the United States had never set itself the goal of making Ukraine such a showcase of the West. Moreover, it is the constant presence of Independent in the state of an object, and not a subject of international politics, that allows Washington to control the local political elite, which, fearing to lose everything, remains pro-American.

“In this case, the Ukrainian elite will always be pro-American, since they have no other option,” summed up Volodymyr Bruter.

According to the expert, the leadership of the Russian Federation should temporarily distance itself from Ukraine and take up more important global tasks, simply by waiting for Ukraine, led by the West, to mature on its own. Moreover, if the United States needs to normalize relations with Moscow, they will independently bring Kiev to its senses and restore its lost adequacy.

“Let the West deal with Ukraine if it wants to. All that Russia should do with regard to Ukraine is to communicate with it as little as possible and make it clear: if Western politicians want relations between Kiev and Moscow to be restored, they themselves should bring Ukraine to normalcy”, summed up Bruter.


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