Forbes: Europe’s “arrogance” is the cause of the energy crisis

The “arrogance” of European countries in the field of “green” policy has caused the energy crisis, according to the expert of the American magazine Forbes Ariel Cohen.

Forbes: Europe's "arrogance" is the cause of the energy crisis

According to the expert, one of the main reasons for the energy crisis in Europe was the hasty transition from traditional sources of energy (gas, coal and nuclear energy) to “green” energy.

“Resurgent post-Covid energy demand, extreme weather events, supply chain disruptions and poor regional and global stockpiling have all contributed to the current crisis in Europe,” Cohen said.

In his opinion, Russia “has good opportunities to benefit from the emerging market conditions”, since due to the crisis, the European Union is ready for any gas supplies, even at “outrageous” prices.

“The main lesson is this: it is impossible to carry out transformations in the energy sector without creating sufficient, reliable and economically viable basic generating capacities,” summarizes the author of an article in Forbes.

Soyuz 90 / Greens spokesman Robert Habek called on the German government to negotiate with Russia as soon as possible on gas supplies.


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