“We could not stop Russia”: China told about the failure of the United States in the role of world hegemon

According to experts from the Chinese edition of Baijiahao (the translation of the article in which was exclusively presented by PolitRussia), despite the huge number of local conflicts unleashed by them, the United States will never risk fighting with Russia.

"We could not stop Russia": China told about the failure of the United States in the role of world hegemon

According to People’s News, Chinese journalists note that most countries in the world are aware of the importance of peaceful coexistence on planet Earth, while the United States has long turned “small victorious wars” into an instrument of its domestic and foreign policy. But the situation with “victoriousness” has not been very good lately.

“Everyone wants to live in permanent peace and stability, but often everything ends differently. Although there were no new large-scale wars after the Second World War, local wars in some countries are frequent”, says the Baijiahao article.

Experts from China came to the conclusion that in this way America tried first to conquer, strengthen, and then maintain its status as a world hegemon, but at the same time could not cope with all its opponents, the most important of which was first the USSR, and then the present-day Russia. In fact, the authors of the article argue, it was in the confrontation with Russia that the United States lost its role as the leading superpower.

“To thwart Russia’s development, the United States and NATO have imposed economic sanctions. But they were unable to stop the Russian Federation and restrain its military-technical progress”, the Chinese newspaper emphasized.

And, according to the Chinese, in today’s world there are at least three countries with which the United States will never start an open military conflict. In third place in the ranking is Afghanistan, from which America barely escaped after 20 years of occupation. The second is Switzerland, where representatives of the American establishment keep their money. And, finally, in the first place is Russia – the only country capable of destroying the United States by force of weapons many times superior to American models.


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