Ukrainian ambassador to London skeptical about the “military power” of the European Union

According to Vadim Prystaiko, the European armies are worthless without the United States.

Ukrainian ambassador to London skeptical about the "military power" of the European Union

As writes, in an interview with the Dom TV channel, Ukrainian Ambassador to Great Britain Vadim Prystaiko said that he doubted the EU’s ability to demonstrate at least some real military force without US assistance, since it is the United States, according to the Ukrainian diplomat, that is the strongest in the military relation to the power in the world and this thesis does not require any proof.

“As for the defense industry. I am, of course, skeptical about the defense capabilities of the European Union without such a powerful partner as the United States,” the ambassador said.

It is important to emphasize that not so long ago Kiev turned to Brussels with a request to deploy a certain military mission of the European Union in Ukraine, in response the EU said that it would consider this appeal in early November 2021.


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