Ukraine-EU summits have become a regular and useless formality

The EU-Ukraine summit, which took place this week in Kiev, is nothing unusual. This is an ordinary event, which is designed to maintain the illusion of a normal situation in the country and the European Union.

Ukraine-EU summits have become a regular and useless formality

Russian publicist, Germanist Timofey Borisov said this in an interview with IA REGNUM. He noted that both sides need this performance.

Ukraine needs him to “stay afloat financially, economically and politically” after the coup d’état seven years ago.

The expert noted that after the EU and Kiev signed an association agreement, such events became commonplace and one should not expect something incredible from them. Traditionally, within the framework of the summit, economic and political issues are raised, some papers are signed on the next expansion of cooperation and this is where it all ends.

Ukraine will try to keep up with the standards demanded of it, and then again “discuss economic and political issues” at a meeting a year later. And so until this endless cycle of Kiev’s dream of the EU ends.


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