Russian politician says Nord Stream-2 nothing to do with the gas crisis in Europe

The reason for the gas crisis in European markets was the absence of long-term contracts and the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2 has nothing to do with this, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, Kommersant reports.

Russian politician says Nord Stream-2 nothing to do with the gas crisis in Europe

In an interview with Business FM, Novak explained that Western media’s accusations against Russia are completely unfounded. Let us recall that many foreign analysts blame Moscow for allegedly not intentionally increasing gas supplies in order to force European countries to conclude long-term contracts and speed up the certification process for Nord Stream-2.

“Because this is an infrastructure, not a contract. I repeat once again, Russia is fulfilling the contracts in full, this is confirmed by our European partners. There will be additional applications and an increase in volumes, which means that the volumes will be considered and increased, based on the possibilities, based on the additional investments that are needed to expand the capacities, and so on”, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier, Novak said that at the moment gas is being filled in the Nord Stream-2 pipe, which indicates that the Russian gas pipeline will be launched in the coming days.

The cost of gas on European exchanges last week exceeded $1,900 per thousand cubic meters. The rapid rise in prices for blue fuel has led to an increase in oil prices. An analyst at the British newspaper Financial Times noted that the statement by Russian leader Vladimir Putin about his readiness to help stabilize energy prices led to a decrease in gas prices.


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