“Putin knows exactly what he is talking about”: Britain appreciated the dialogue between the President of Russia and US journalists

The attempt of the American journalist CNBC Headley Gamble to ask “uncomfortable” questions to Vladimir Putin, without delving into the answers of the Russian leader, caused a wave of criticism from readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail.

"Putin knows exactly what he is talking about": Britain appreciated the dialogue between the President of Russia and US journalists

According to RIA FAN, British netizens highly appreciated the gallantry and awareness of the Russian president, noting that every attempt to communicate with him by representatives of the Western media turns into a demonstration of their “narrow-mindedness and blinkeredness.”

British journalist Will Stewart told the Daily Mail readers about an incident during the Russian Energy Week forum, when, in response to Headley Gamble’s groundless reproach to Vladimir Putin that Russia was allegedly reducing the volume of gas supplied to Europe, the Russian leader made a compliment to the representative American mass media, ironically complaining about her inattention to the words of the interlocutor.

“A beautiful woman, pretty. I tell her one thing, and she immediately tells me something completely different. As if you didn’t hear what I said. Well, I will repeat it”, the Russian president said.

This episode did not go unnoticed by British readers, who highly appreciated the professionalism of the Russian leader.

“Putin put the silly thing in its place, many American journalists tried to grab their moment of fame in the same way. However, he also put the “hot” BBC journalists in place more than once. Unlike British and American politicians, Putin knows exactly what he is talking about and can hold a discussion on any topic without looking at the papers”, wrote a London-based Daily Mail reader about this.

“We have already seen a couple of journalists from the United States, such as her or Megyn Kelly, and we can understand how low the level of professionalism of American media workers is: blinkered, narrow-minded and stupid, albeit cute. Putin has shown angelic patience… ”- echoed another commentator.

This is not the first time that the efforts of the Western media to slander Russia and its leader run into the common sense of ordinary people in Britain, Germany, France and other European countries.


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