Global Estonia: Tallinn unveils country development plan

The Chancellery of the Estonian Parliament has unveiled the country’s development plan until 2030. The document provides for the preservation of “Estonian identity abroad,” writes REGNUM.

Global Estonia: Tallinn unveils country development plan

The development plan was presented by Estonian Minister of Culture Anneli Ott and member of the Culture Committee Signe Kivi. According to the minister, the strategy is aimed at “adaptation and integration of the foreign-speaking population of the republic into the Estonian space and at” global Estonia “among foreign communities.”

“It is important that people living abroad maintain their Estonian identity, only then can they help represent our country and strengthen its good reputation, thereby contributing to the economy and security of Estonia,” Ott said in a speech to the deputies.

As previously reported by News Front, Estonia is awaiting winter with horror, as it is afraid not to cope with the gas crisis on its own. Estonian government spokesman Kadri Simson asked the European Union to support the most vulnerable consumers.


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