Estonia hints EU to help amid energy crisis

The European Union is preparing for one of the toughest winters in its history. This point of view is shared by the European Union Energy Commissioner, the representative of Estonia, Kadri Simson.

Estonia hints EU to help amid energy crisis

The REGNUM edition, referring to the Latvian radio “Radio 4”, broadcasts a statement made by the European Commission. All consumers are looking forward to winter with horror and understand that it can be very cold this year.

“Consumer excitement is understandable and justified. Winter is coming and for many, electricity prices are now higher than at any time in the last ten years”, Simson said.

The situation on the gas market remains extremely difficult for Europe. She also explained this situation by the fact that in Asia the demand for blue fuel has grown significantly. Simson reached out to the EU to support the most vulnerable consumers.

Apparently, the representative of the Baltic Estonia hinted at her country and its neighbors. As a rule, it is these members of the European Union who speak more often than others about their vulnerability. In addition, they are not in the EU because of impressive economic success, but because of their location on the Russian border. So it is unlikely that they will be able to cope with the gas crisis on their own.

Simson has proposed several steps, one of which is to allow consumers to defer paying bills and to ban and ban blackouts or blackouts. In addition, it offers the EU to jointly purchase gas, hoping in this way to reduce the price from suppliers.


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