Bill Clinton was hospitalized in the USA

According to CNN, former US President Bill Clinton was hospitalized with blood poisoning in a California hospital.

Bill Clinton was hospitalized in the USA

“He was taken to the hospital with an infection, and did not catch it there. He is being treated with antibiotics and doctors say he responds positively to them”, CNN reported.

According to the attending physicians of ex-president Alpesha Amin and Liza Bardak, the cause of sepsis is a urinary tract infection, which often occurs in the elderly and is easily treatable. It is also noted that Clint is in the intensive care unit not for health reasons, but for reasons of confidentiality and safety of the ex-head of the United States.

Clinton’s spokesman Angel Urenya on Twitter stressed that the 42nd President of the United States is already recovering and his hospital stay has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic.


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